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Niche Car Window Tinting Services
Niche Car Window Tinting Services

If you wanna know about car window tinting then you are in good place. In this, I add all the answers to your questions. If you need auto window tinting services you can contact with Niche Tinting Company who offer residential, commercial, and car window tinting services at affordable rates. Contact:




We Got a Dream House Thanks to House Window Tints!


My sister-in-law wanted a dream house which she has been dreaming about since her childhood. It was an all-glass house with a glass roof and glass walls, surrounded by gardens and a small waterfall, forming a beautiful landscape. When I got married and found out about her dream house, I joined her siblings’ team. We used to laugh together whenever someone would start describing the house. It really sounded like a dream house with perfect details. However, we knew none of us could afford it.

After her graduation, two major things happened at once. She got engaged to her boyfriend. And she started a business which involves a lot of traveling, so she was never home. She put her house on sale and authorize my husband and her brother to look after the sale proceeds since she was traveling abroad for a few weeks. 

She was planning to return on her birthday so we wanted to give her a surprise but none of us knew what to get for her. Finally, her fiancé disclosed a secret and it felt like her dreams were finally coming true. He confirmed that he was saving some money to buy that dream house but he was short of some money which he needed for all the modern features in the house. We formed a team and everyone started working on it. Her old house was sold within a couple of days at good rates and my husband received the money. He kept most of it saved while gave the rest to her sister’s fiancé. And he in return, invested it all on getting House Window Tints for the dream house. It was the day when we figured out dream homes do come true if you have the right guide with you. 

We used to think that the glasshouse will always be hot due to high sun exposure. But latest solar control films have solved that issue. These solar control films block almost 80% of the sun’s energy. Therefore, it helps in keeping house temperature controlled as well as keeps all your furniture, textiles and carpets safe from fading over time. Everything was final before her birthday and we really helped each other in doing the impossible. Her old house was sold, her fiancé bought a new house for her birthday and we got the windows tinted after facing a challenge. 

We initially went to a residential window film service provider, however, he refused to work on the project as it involved a lot of window tinting. He suggested looking for Commercial Window Film as they always have a huge stock available and they are experts in commercial installation of window films. Therefore, we researched and found a professional company near my office. I scheduled a meeting with them and discussed the requirements in details. They agreed to sign the project as it involved work equivalent to a small commercial building. 

Commercial Glass Tinting changed the complete appearance of the house. Moreover, we could easily see the surroundings while the AC was keeping the house cool efficiently. We decorated the house for my sister-in-law’s birthday and hosted a birthday & housewarming event, without her knowledge. When she arrived at the airport, she was taken to the new house in blindfolds and she almost fainted after seeing the house. The whole event was a success and her last birthday gift involved the wedding announcement by her fiancé, which was happening within a month. Everyone joined the celebrations after the announcement and the party lasted a few more hours. Thanks to this company, we got an incredible new house for my sister-in-law. 

Why Window Tinting Is a Good Investment?

Every business owner wants to create an inviting, refreshing escape from summer and bring in more business. Is your clean office giving your office an aesthetic look? But what about that light heat of sunlight which is distracting your employees? Oh! They are drawing curtains and pulling down blinders daily. People might be noticing such a disturbing environment from outside. Here, a small change in the window makes such an immediate impression on costumer and competitors and people who never even noticed you before. If you’re thinking about professional window tinting, it can be an excellent business decision because window tinting is an inexpensive luxury for your commercial property.

Here are some uses of window tinting: 


When the sun is flooding your workplace with light and heat, you turn down your ac which makes your energy bill sky high very quickly. Whereas, window tinting prevents unwanted solar gain and maintains your office temperature. This lessens your expense on air conditioning and lowers your electricity bills. 

Besides energy bills, window tinting will save on maintenance cost. Usually, window glass has dirt and streak on it which can be hide and allow more extended periods between clean. 

Safety and Security:

Window tint prevents outsiders from seeing in which gives privacy to your employees and keeps business information safer. People will be less tempted to steal something when they can’t see it. Window tinting can prevent break-ins to a business, especially that operates expensive equipment or have expensive products. 

Comfort and Better Productivity:

Constantly combatting heat makes it hard to get your job done and can be uncomfortable for your clients too. When employees deal with inconveniences, productivity reduces. More time will be wasted in struggling to find cooler air, rearranging screens and fetching cold water or drinks to stay comfortable at work. Window tinting can prevent from such distractions by reducing glare and keeping heat and brightness to a minimum.   

Prevents Interior:

Office furniture and all other material are expensive which needs to be replaced if harmful ultraviolet rays started t damage them. Window tinting can prevent your furniture, rugs, carpets, and drapes from fading or falling apart. Office window tinting can save your money need to be invested on replacement of interior when fading. 

Decorative and Professional Look:

Commercial business window tinting gives your business a stylish as well as the professional look, either you choose a dark or mirrored film. These films are in different colors and designs which suit almost any environment and may give decorative look to your business place. You can choose different films for different areas of the office. 

You can expect to improve employee productivity, enhance the energy efficiency, increase privacy and security and impressive visual impact with fully installed professional window tinting. 

To buy window tinting films, your consideration should be quality but not price. A high-quality window tinting film will last for years while a low-grade window tinting film will cost you more money in the long run since you’ll have to replace it.

Home Guide: Useful Tips For Hiring A Reliable Cleaning Company

Homesguidance where you can get information about the home and other services for the home improvement. Here you can read about moving, Packing, roofing repair, flooring, appliances repair, interior painting and many more other home services. 

Better Garage Doors Ensure Better Car Security

Whenever one buys a car the first thing he does is the paperwork and if possible he gets the car insured. All these measures are to make one’s investment in the shape of automotive safe. However, the primary step to do that at home is to have a profound and high-tech garage. Today, we do not live in an age where a car can be imagined secure by providing an open shed. By getting the advanced garage you can get the number of advantages.

A Torsion Spring in Your Garage Door Stores More Energy

Torsion springs are used in many modern garage doors which store the mechanical energy to make it easier and quicker to open and close your garage door. Thereby such tools and technologies used in your garage make your automotive and money that you spent on it safe and secure. And it is not just the torsion springs indoors many other unconventional instruments can also be found there.

  • Sensors used in garage doors
  • Alarms are set
  • A proper and complete toolkit is set in modern garages
  • Certain extinguishing materials and mechanism are installed to be used in case of an emergency that can minimize the loss

A High-Tech Garage Helps to Avoid Car Damage

If you have a garage that reminds you of the 1900s then are you in the position to claim that it can protect your car from the wear and tear of the rough weather conditions and environmental pollution. The technology has brought the change and innovation in cars as well as the garages. Also, service providers are quick and professional now.

Suppose the storm night before damaged your garage door. Now if you call expert’s services they can get your garage door repair at firsthand with minimal time spent during the process of repair.

Your Investment Is Secured by Garages

People consider the land, homes, bank balances, jewels and shares in some flourishing organization as their investment for the future. But if you see a car is also an investment which serves you in daily routine and if needed you can sale it out. But can the price and resale value of a vehicle that is worn out and a well-maintained one can be equal? It is for sure that their prices will differ a lot. A modern and a trendy garage is not just good to look at but it grants security to your car. Your car remains safe from windy, stormy and hailing weather conditions. It assists in keeping the automotive intact for a long time.

A Sophisticated Garage Benefits in the Long Run

When you intend to buy an insurance policy for your car what are the intentions behind? Unequivocally, car security for a long period of time. If you get proper, timely and professional repairing and maintenance of the garage it can serve the same purpose. You will remain safe from spending a lot of money on the car repair. So repairing a garage is cost-effective in the long run. You just have to manage the garage. And this garage will avoid the damage of the car and spending on the car to keep it in shape. Consequently, a futuristic garage is another form of insurance to your car.